Automatic Linear Twist Off Cap Vaccum Lug Capping Machine

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Automatic Linear Twist Off Cap Vaccum Lug Capping Machine Details

N.K Industries takes pride in being the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the highly advanced NKTVC-100 Automatic Twist-off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping Machine. This groundbreaking innovation is set to transform the way you experience bottle capping in industries such as pickles, food, beverages, and chemicals.

Designed with utmost precision, the NKTVC-100 offers unparalleled versatility and adaptability. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing parts for different bottle and cap sizes. Our machine features a unique adjustable design that effortlessly accommodates glass bottles and caps of various dimensions, streamlining your production process like never before.

One standout feature of our machine is the "No Bottle - No Cap" system, ensuring optimal efficiency and preventing any wastage. Experience a seamless operation with its compact design, smooth running, and low noise levels, allowing you to work in a tranquil environment while maintaining productivity at its peak.

In addition to its remarkable performance, the NKTVC-100 boasts remarkable energy efficiency, reducing your overall energy consumption and contributing to a greener future. Its simple operation, easy adjustment, and hassle-free maintenance and cleaning further enhance your workflow, saving you valuable time and effort.

The highlight of our Automatic Twist-off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping Machine lies in its ability to decrease air pressure inside the bottle using high-speed steam injection, followed by precise tightening of the bottle cap. The subsequent vacuuming process is accomplished by flushing cold water over the bottle, ensuring a secure and airtight seal every time.

To facilitate seamless production, the machine comes equipped with a unique vibrator feeder for Lug cups. For added convenience, we also offer an optional waterfall type Cap Feeder Elevator, further optimizing your production line's efficiency.

Join the ranks of industry leaders who have already revolutionized their capping processes with the NKTVC-100 Automatic Twist-off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping Machine by N.K Industries. Unleash the power of innovation and witness unprecedented productivity and precision in your operations.

Contact us today and let our cutting-edge technology redefine your capping capabilities. Stay ahead of the competition with N.K Industries and elevate your business to new heights of success.


Salient Feature of Machines:

  • Machine Structure: Made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • CGMP & Compact Model.
  • Special Background Suppression Sensor: Stops machine automatically if no screw cap is detected in the delivery chute.
  • Parabola Tracking Sliding Principle: Obtains unidirectional caps from vibrator feeder.
  • Cap Feeding Options: Vibrator feeder system or Waterfall type cap feeder elevator.
  • Pre-sealing Assembly, Sealing Assembly, Steam Piping, Cooling Water Assembly, Exhaust Ventilation Assembly.
  • Fast Format Changeover: Custom-designed parts allow quick changeover from one container size to another.
  • 6 Digit Precise Counting Arrangement: Helps manage production process accurately.
  • Emergency Button: Included for safety concerns.
  • CE Certification: All electrical and brought-out items are CE certified.




Add on Features:

  • Castor wheel for easy mobility in packaging line
  • PLC - HMI Interface
  • Cap Feeder Elevator



Technical specification:



Left to right


Twist off cap , POP up cap ,Lug Cap

Cap diameter

30-85 mm

Bottle diameter

Up to 160 mm

Bottle height

65 to 260 mm

Machine speed

50 bottle per minute

Steam requirement

180 to 230 KG/ Hour

Rated steam pressure



5 HP

Machine Dimension

1800mm (L) ×1100mm (W) ×2000mm (H)

Machine weight

1000 KG



Applicable industries:

  • Food,
  • Beverages,
  • Pickle manufacturing unit
  • Chemical


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