Single Head Auger Powder Filling Machine

Single Head Auger Powder Filling Machine Is Used To Fill Variety Of Product Like Granules, Powder Etc In Bottle. It Basically Works On Augemetric Principal To Fill Powder In Bottle.

Our Single Head Auger Powder Filling Machine offers following advantages:

  • Works on augermetric principle for filling of powder.
  • Auger rotation is done by clutch brake system & the numbers of auger rotations are controlled by clock disc mechanism.
  • All contact part is s.s 316 quality.
  • Single trake slate conveyor.
  • Filling head with hopper.
  • No dripping.
  • Simple operation – easy to operate & maintain.
  • High operational comfort – since all parts are easily accessible and controls are conveniently located.
  • Long life – sturdy robust design, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and better material of construction ensures long and trouble-free life.
  • No change part require for change in bottle height
  • Ease of maintenance – due to less number of moving parts.
  • Easy availability of spares.
  • Conveyor of Single Head Auger Powder Filling Machine feeds the bottles from left to right.
  • The bottle fed in a linear motion on the conveyor then it will be sensed by sensor which gives signal to the magnetic clutch.
  • It will rotate the augar and required amount of powder will be filled in bottle.
  • Finally the bottle will be filled with powder as per the required quantity and it will index further through on single stack conveyor to the downstream machine.


Left To Right.

Production Rate

Output and accuracy of the machine is subjected to flow property of the powder and other related conditions. But for calculation purpose usually 20 Gms of fill gives an   output of 30 BPM

Height of Conveyor

Adjustable from 850 To 900 MM

Bottle Diameter

25 MM To 90 MM MAX.

Electrical supply

1.00 HP For Main Drive.

0.50 HP for conveyor

Power Characteristic

440 Volts, 3 Phase (4 wire System) 50 Hz.

Machine dimension

(L X W X H ) mm

 1530 mm X 915 mm X 1520 mm

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