Multi-jet Ampoule Washing Machine

  • Positive & pressurized jets through washing needle for pressure cleaning at minimum usages for washing media.
  • Sound design concept of pressure tank for reverses & continuous supply of washes Medias.
  • Both internal & external washing ensuring absolutely & continuous ampoule / vial after sequential washing.
  • Acrylic top cover for clear view of washing events taking place in the machine.
  • On-line poly carbonates housing with P.P. replaceable filter cartridge of 5 micron of water for best possible washing.
  • All contact parts of washing media are of S.S.
  • In the event of acrylic cover lifted during cycle operation, the machine will automatically stop and re-start from the point when cover is pushed down.



Left To Right.

Cycle time

60 Sec

Power Consumption

0.25 HP

Power Characteristics

415 V, 3 -Phase with 4 Wire Systems.

Machine Dimensions

1150 mm (L) x 1050 mm (W) x 1200 mm (H)

Net Weights

130 KGS

Gross Weight

260 Kgs


  • Ampoule from 1ml to 10 ml
  • Vial : 2ml to 50 ml vial


This is a standard sequence but it can be modified as per customer requirement.

Washes Sequence

Washing Media

1st WASH

D.M. Water

2nd Wash


3rd Wash

D.M. Water

4th Wash


5th Wash

WFI Water

6th Wash



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