Monoblock Inner Plugging Screw Capping Machine

Monoblock Inner Plugging Screw Capping Machine


  • Parts coming in contact with the Plastic bottle / Screw Plastic cap / exposed to the atmosphere are made out of S.S 304.
  • Star wheel and back guide set are made of Nylon material for long lasting life.
  • Single motor synchronizes conveyor, star wheels and platform turret and speed can be varied by the % speed pot on operating panel.
  • Inner plugging and Screw capping can be performed on single star wheel so reducing the machine foot print as well as man power to operate.
  • A Special clutch device is incorporated in Star wheel system for stoppage of machine in the event of bottle is over turned or over diameter.
  • Imported photo sensing device to stops machine automatically in the event of no plastic screw cap in delivery chute.
  • Specially designed vibrator and bowl for inner plug
  • Specially designed orient or for screw caps.
  • Jaw type screw capping head.


Left To Right.

Electrical Supply

2.00 HP


40 -50 bottle / Minute

No of Sealing Head

1 inner cap Pneumatic  head + 1 Screw cap head

Power Requirement

440 Volts, 3 Phase 50 Hz.

Height of Conveyor

Adjustable from 800 To 850 MM


1830 mm (L) X 915 mm (W) X 1530 mm (H)

  • NKISC-60M, a Monoblock machine is a compact model used to carry out two operations simultaneously means inner plugging and screw capping on Round container.
  • Bottles are continuously fed from upstream machine to the flat conveyor belt of machine and transferred to the in feed star wheel.
  • Inner plug and screw cap are kept in vibrator unit and orientation unit respectively.
  • First pneumatic head perform the Inner plugging operation and then bottle move on star wheel and screws capping head comes downside and perform the screw capping operation.
  • After sealing operation, sealing head moves upward with help of cam and bottle /jars move with exit star wheel and Move further on conveyor belt for next operation.


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