Automatic Ampoule Inspection Machine

With The Sheer Dedication And Experienced Of Our Well Known Experts, We Are Able To Bring Forth Extensively Acclaimed Automatic Ampoule Inspection Machine. It Is Offered By Us At Comprehensive Prices In Order To Suit The Varied Needs Of The Clients. Hence, We Are Widely Admired As A Noted Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier Automatic Ampoule Inspection Machine.

  • Due To Its Resistance Towards Corrosion, High Tensile Strength And Hassle-free Operations This Is Hugely Applauded.
  • This Machine Is User-friendly And Used For Inspecting Ampoules In Food Processing And Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our Range of Ampoule inspection machine is equipped with following salient features

  • Total CGMP Model.
  • All contact parts are SS 304.
  • Easy loading of Ampoule in hopper.
  • 6 nos of Ampoule spinner to achieve higher speed. Rotation of spinners can be adjusted to give desired vortex on liquid.
  • Magnified view with back lighting for clear real-time view of six ampoule
  • Modular & compacted ejection system
  • Facility of repeat cycle.
  • LED as well buzzer assisted safe rejection.
  • Two inbuilt counter for monitoring of production. i.e. 1 counters for Total production status and another counter for Rejection Unit.


  • Main Machine motor and Gear box. Make: Helicon
  • AC Drive for spinner. Make: Delta, Taiwan
  • AC Drive for Main Machine. Make: Delta, Taiwan
  • Note: All electrical Components are CE Certified.
Ampoule Diameter range (mm) 10 mm to 15 mm
Ampoule height (mm) 55 to 125 mm
Speed (Ampoule per minute) 60 to 70 Ampoules per minute depending upon the Human competence.
Power consumption (KW) 1 KW
Electrical Connection 230 V, Single Phase , 50 HZ
Machine Dimension (L X W X H) mm 1530 X 1200 X 1575
Ampoule loading In Mass in Hopper
Net Weight (KG) 500 KG
  • In Automatic ampoule inspection machine ,filled ampoules are loaded in to hopper from where they are transferred in batches (6 nos by 6 nos) by an index Star wheel and then on to the linear transfer rack.
  • After that Linear rack transfers ampoules onto the inspection station, where 6 nos of spinners spin 6 ampoules at a predetermined RPM so that a vortex is formed. Meanwhile Illumination from behind the ampoules assists in light refraction of particles/fibers. An operator views six ampoules through a magnifying glass.
  • The ampoules are rejected by pressing rejection switches ergonomically located for operator convenience. A numbered light positioned just above the magnifying lens within the operator's field of vision lights up indicating a rejection In case a recheck is desired before checking the next lot, a facility for repeat cycle is provided.
  • The ampoules batch is then transferred onto the rejection station where the ampoules rejected at the inspection station are automatically ejected out. A numbered light lights up above the lens indicating a positive rejection taking place. In addition a rejection LED as well buzzer assists in tracking the actual rejects of objects  
  • The accepted ampoules are transferred onto the collection station where there are collected in a tray.


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