Ampoule Labeling Machine

N.K Industries Based In Ahmedabad, Gujarat , India Is Reputed Manufacturer ,supplier And Exporter Of High Quality Range Of Ampoule Labeling Machine. 

Our Range of Ampoule Labeling Machine is equipped with following features

  • A CGMP model
  • High Production Speed up to 250 Ampoule/min depends upon the body diameter of ampoule.
  • S.S. 304 Constructions.
  • Accurate label dispensing.
  • Secondary Pressing unit.
  • Provision for Online Batch coding printing like Inkjet printing can be easily accommodate.
  • Imported Gear Motor for Conveyor & Pressing unit
  • Imported Gear Box for Conveyor & Pressing unit
  • Imported A.C. Frequency Drive for main drive
  • In built Speed Indicator & Counter
  • Panasonic make Servo  Motor with Controller
  • Datalogic , Italy Sensor for Label & Container
  • No Change Part for Label Size.


Up to  250 CPM

Power Requirement

2 HP,230 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz

Height of Conveyor

Adjustable from 800 to 850 mm


1300mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 1500mm (H)

Gross Weight

700 Kgs (Approx.)

Label Height

10 mm to 80 mm

Label Length

20mm to 70 mm

Gap between Label

Approx. 3 mm

Label Roll Dia.

300 mm Max. Ø

Label Core Dia.

75 mm to 76 mm Ø

Container Diameter

8 mm to 20 mm Dia

  • With tray, the ampoules are loaded to the in feed conveyor.
  • The infeed conveyor belt is a endless pvc belt which carries the ampoules towards the labelling section with the help of feed worm.
  • The in feed worm picks the ampoules and transfers the same by keeping pre determined space between two ampoules to the rotating star wheel.
  • The star wheel carries the ampoules and moves towards the label applicator. A sensor for sensing ampoule is fitted before the label applicator which senses the ampoules and in turn, servo motor allows the label applicator to release one label which gets sticked on the ampoule.
  • One label sensor is provided in the machine which senses the gap between two labels. This ensures that only one label is applied to the ampoule at a time.
  • Once the label gets sticked to the ampoule it passes through the pressing belt where the labels get properly pressed without giving any crease.
  • After this the ampoules are guided to the out feed tray where the ampoules are collected and taken for the next operation.


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